The Live Like A Wolf Review of 30 Days of Discipline: Review Part 1 (15 Days Update)

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This is the 15th day doing 30 Days of Discipline and I feel amazing!

For those who don’t know what 30DOD is: 

30 Days of Discipline is an electronic book. But it’s not just an e-book, it is a way of life.

It is a challenge. It is a bootcamp that you put yourself through. A way to discipline yourself, a way to tame those bad habits and institute new, Ass-kicking habits.”

Text from the original 30DOD page: link

So now that you know what it is about I’ll share with you my experience being doing it for 15 days.

First of all I feel great and contented by the achievement of following 30DOD for 15 days. It is a bootcamp that requires you to discipline and follow it faithfully and that alone is a big step for your life.


 3 Valuable Things I’ve learned so far

Doing 30DOD I’ve learned many things that made my life better (and I’m just in the 15th day). To be straightly honest, some of the things written in the book I was already applying them in my life a long time ago (but maybe in not such a degree or in some cases exactly the same).

1) I became more disciplined (The main purpose):

 The commitment you have with yourself to actually adopt the 12 habits written in the book for 30 whole days makes you complete things that make you a better person.

At the first 3-4 days you will actually see that your life has dramatically changed and these are the hardest days you will experience. I had to fail 2 times to actually follow the 30DOD because I couldn’t wake up early as written in the book.

Silly thing to fail isn’t it? I don’t think so. It is something small, but this is what this bootcamp is all about. To make 12 small changes that will have a great impact in your whole life.

So, small changes –> big results.

Having done 3-4 days it was hard to me not to follow the bootcamp because it would be a waste of 4 days of my life. So thinking about what I’ve been through the past 14 days I cannot stop.

This is a good thing to have in mind. Do not waste your time. If you are committed to do something and you have already done it for many days do not stop because it would be a waste of time.

2) I became more calm and successful:

Having done things written down makes you feel the accomplishment and joy that’s required to remain calm and successful as a person. Cutting off bad habits and picking up great ones will help you do that.

Doing is the thing that will make you go further to your goal and become successful in whatever you seek.

And that is another big truth that you will learn by doing this bootcamp.

Actually you will go many many steps further.

Every single day you will have done 12 things. Think about it. Isn’t it great?

3) I’ve built a better physique by all means:

I feel better and I am better than before.

Following the physique and health oriented habits written in this book has helped me built a better physique and feel great.

Along with the gym program you should already have those habits will make you feel and actually become better mentally and physically. The good thing is that this happens for sure, as you are obliged and committed to follow the book.

Otherwise ,as I said before, it would be a waste of time.


Now, to be honest I am not following one single rule due to health problems.

I am on meds since December, as I discovered that I have a Chronic Asthmatic Bronchitis and unfortunately the doctor isn’t sure if it will be completely eliminated. I feel good, but I am more careful about some simple but very important situations and stuff for my health and my healing process (no running beyond low standards of tiredness, no cold showers, no breathing smoke and some other generic stuff). 


Overall I am very thrilled by this great bootcamp and also very hungry to complete 15 more days and get the complete value this book offers.

I am sure that the impact in my life by the whole experience will be big and surely I will adopt many of the habits after the end of it.


So far…

1) I became more disciplined.

2) I became more calm and successful.

3) I have built a better physique.



You can:

1) Buy the e-Book from the original page.

2) Buy the e-Book from Udemy (that I happened to buy but didn’t watch the videos yet).


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I highly recommend buying this e-Book to become a better person.

Gentlemen, have a nice day.


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