9 Lessons I learned from Theater Classes that Better Your Life

Live Like A Wolf, 9 Life Lessons from Theater That Will Change Your Life, Article Live Like A Wolf, 9 Life Lessons from Theater That Will Change Your Life

Months ago I decided I would start doing many things in life so I get the most experiences and learn as many things as possible. I would try anything that it seems interesting. Of many things, I wondered what it is like to be an actor.

I would like to be in a team working on some play to perform and to play a character. I also wanted to see if acting was my thing and maybe I could follow an acting career.

So one day 3,5 months ago I tried to find a theater team, around my city, on the internet but I couldn’t find anything. I searched more and I stumbled upon a page that had county stuff, like seminars, events and also free theater classes.

Next thing, I called and signed up for the classes. But the thing is the classes had started since September. But I didn’t care.

When I called them it was Friday. On Monday I used to go for jogging, so I put on my athletics and start running around the neighborhood. But I completely forgot about the theater classes.

I ran maybe 1,5 mile and I passed through the building that I had to go for the theater classes. But there was a problem I was full on sweat in my windbreaker jacket.

I wanted to go to the theater though. So I jumped in and stayed at a corner away from others.

While I was watching the others doing some theater exercises. I was so excited that I wanted to be a part of the team too.

Now it has been 3,5 months and yesterday we performed a play. The classes were two hours twice a week.

I signed on the classes too late, as they ended yesterday along with the play. But the whole experience was great and I will surely continue.

Enough with the talking. Let’s see how theater can help you become a better person.

 Life Lessons from Theater

#1 You will do breathing exercises. 

In theater you have to exercise on things to become a capable actor, take on some skills you didn’t have and bring a great outcome to the viewers and also feel that you are worth watching.

Breathing exercises are a must for actors to control their voice, but the exercises are beneficial for every non-actor too for a ton of reasons.

#2 You learn how deal with awkward situations. 

As I have noticed being on stage and even doing rehersals on a theater play some times is awkward. Doing things you wouldn’t do in your real life like dancing as being in love, doing weird and funny facial expressions as practice and also be with others (or many others) at the same place may be awkward.

So you become more and more free and open to new things and you become better managing awkward situations and feeling OK with yourself and others experiencing great things as you exlore other parts of yourself and new capabilities.

#3 You learn to speak more clearly. 

Obviously as an actor being on stage you have to speak clearly to make sure that everyone understands what you’re saying but not seem silly at the same time. You may not speak as clearly as you think and your teacher can help you with that.

#4 You socialize. 

Theater is also being with other people connecting with other people. As a theater class participant you will become more familiar talking with other people, help them when they need help and also cooperate with them as you are a team.

And that will not only help you become a better performer it will also help you with many many other things in your life.

#5 There are many girls in theater. (Theater needs more men). 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have noticed that in both teams I was with, the most of the teamates were females. That’s another extra you get being in a theater team. You meet and hang out with many girls.

I think that many men consider theater a girlish hobby but it really isn’t. It requires big balls to go on stage and perform and also practicing your role when girls are watching. Trust me.

Think of all the great Holywood stars. They all (almost all) started their carreer as theater actors. Are they all girlish? I don’t think so.

#6 You learn how to be more free to express yourself. 

As I mentioned before, not only you learn how to manage awkward situations but you also become more free to express yourself.

As theater is all about dealing with emotions and performance, you become more familiar with yourself and that way you then express your thoughts, feelings and ideas better. Not only vocaly but also physicaly.

#7 Being in an acting team is fun. 

I find participating in a theater team not only educational and self improving but also a fun experience. Aside from seriousness of the cause, to bring a great outcome not only to the viewers but also yourself, there is a lot of fun in the whole experince, both practicing rehearsals and performing on stage.

During the rehearsals you’ll have a great time laughing with others about awkward or funny situations or moments.

Also it is fun and exciting to play another persons life and that way evolve and develop your senses and reactions to situations.

#8 You commit to a purpose. 

Beside all the fun to bring something worth watching and experiencing for the viewers and yourself, you have to commit to a common purpose with the whole team. That way you have to become a more responsible person because you have to know your line as flowing water and you have to know your timing and everything else involved in the play to make it worth.

Otherwise you will not participate.

If you want to do it, do it or go home. And that will surely help you with any other goals you have in your life.

#9 You will achieve an accomplishment after the play. 

When the time comes for the play (or plays) you will feel anxious about it at first, but when it’s all over you will feel proud, accomplishment and joy as you’ll have achieved a life challenge and all of your work and effort is finally awarded.


 I know that you have priorirties in life but have theater in mind.

I have learnt so many things participating in a theater team and I recommend you try it too. It is awesome and is another great challenge in your life.

I will surely sign up again on the next season for theater classes.

What about you?

Have a great time gentlemen.


Note: The photo above is a side from the small stage that I’ve performed and it is captured by me. 

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