Always Finish What You’ve Started

Always Finish What You've Started, Live Like A Wolf Live Like A Wolf 30-5-2016, Always Finish What You've Started

Did you start anything yesterday that you didn’t finish?

Have you started a book that is left half-read?

Gentlemen, not finishing what you’ve started is a bad practice. If you want to succeed in anything you wish you have to finish whatever it is that you’ve started.

Whether it’s a book, or a personal goal you have set.

As you have made the first step to start instead of not even starting you are a step closer to achievement. But a few take it to the “end”.

The end is defined by you and the substance of your goal.

Don’t get tricked

When you put a goal, at first you are fully motivated and you are already thinking about all the rewards you will rip when you succeed. But guess what. You haven’t succeeded yet.

Dreaming about the rewards is a good thing that . But in the most cases you probably stop working on your goal because you don’t like or you don’t endure on the process of getting where you wanted to get.

That’s the most common “reasons” why everyone quits.

They are full of motivation and passion, at first. Then, when the hard work must be done or “suddenly occurs” they all quit like every ordinary person does.

They forget about all the dreams they had on their goals. They forget about the promise they gave to themselves. They forget about the commitment that was required to get where they wanted.

And in the end they end up back to square one where they always where and always will be. Doing nothing but quitting.

So don’t get tricked just from the idea. The truth is that there is plenty of work and a commitment required to get where you want. You can’t achieve something by not working on it and commit to it.

The truth is that the road is a mountain. But you won’t feel the climb when you walk it. You just do. Slow and steady.

Your dream is great and achievable but you have to work on it and you have to become blood bonded with it.

You can achieve anything you want.

But… will you?

It is easy to quit but endurance is required in working

Commitment, persistence and work are surely needed.

I’m telling you from personal experience.

The easiest thing to do is to quit when you see all the true work that has to be done in order to collect the rewards.

The man who takes it to another level is always the man that has worked on his plan so it came true and he now is collecting the rewards, with the work he does being easier more than ever.

The thing is not to think about all the work that has to be done, just do it and it will not be an obstacle anymore. Like the mountain I wrote about before.

When you’ve come to a high point there you’ll be happy and pleased by your work and know that all the sweat spilled was worth every drop.

This is my 21st post and I cannot explain to you how thrilled I feel.

The reason I feel thrilled, for now, is my Page Views, my Bounce Rate my Visits, etc. on Google Analytics.

So, how did I come this “far”? I didn’t quit and I kept working on my big picture. Now my website is growing and I do everything I can to take it to the next level. And then the next and the next and so on…

Now, what about you? Will you keep working or will you quit? Will you finish unfinished business like a man or will you aboard?

Do you want to feel thrilled like I do and accomplish something that matters?

It is up to you.

Always finish the work gentlemen,


P.S – There is no ending, when you go far from the start you won’t want it to end. So don’t think there are limits. The limits there are are set by you.

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