Be a Man of Your Word

Being a man of your word is a very important thing.

Being a man of word means more that doing anyhting you say you will, or mean anything you say as true.

A man of his word is a man with virtues and surely a man that you could count on and rely on.

We all want that kind of friends in our lives. Men that we can trust and tell them our insights and rely on their discretion.

So don’t you want to be that kind of man?

The Man of Word

Although things are somewhat subjective of what a man of word is, I’ve wrote down some piece of advice I would like to share with you:

1. Know what you’re talking about. Be sure about what you say to others, say things only if you’ve done them yourself or things that you are sure are right. People who speak all the time about things are just talking shit and 90% are lies. You can notice those people around you. Just take a better look. So don’t be that kind of person. If you don’t know anything about something don’t speak. It’s simple.

2. Don’t lie. We all lie about 5 minutes per day, but man, don’t lie all the time. This is connected with the previous tip. Just don’t lie. Don’t lie to your friends, don’t lie to people and just generally don’t lie. Because if you lie, you are a lie.

3. If you say you’ll do something, then do it. Do things you’ve promised no matter what, because otherwise you are no true and you will lose all the good people around you that trust you. Don’t fail them and don’t fail yourself.

4. Think before you speak. Take a second to think before you speak or answer to somebody. Don’t just answer just to answer. If you are not sure about something then don’t answer immediately because it is almost certain it will be something you don’t really believe or you are just not sure if it is even true. Take a second and then answer. It will be better that way.

5. Work on things. Things will not get done themselves. You’ve got to work on them and you’ve got to sweat. I know that this applies to everything, even it’s a promise or a goal. Stop being bored and do it.

6. Believe in you and believe in your friends. If you believe in you, then you won’t fail others and you will get done whatever you said you would. Sometimes you’ve got to believe in your friends too and that way a good friendship builds up. Have faith and act.

I know from personal experience that all the above are essentials to become a man of your word and I know that it will be hard to do all of them in once. Personal growth takes time and work, but the outcome will be great if one keeps working and trying without giving up.

But trying and working is not enough. You must know what you’re doing. If you are building your character up and you want some changes in your life, keep visiting this site (and search my previous articles) and start reading some books.


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