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Maybe we all want to feel happy. But there are many ways to acheive that. Someone may want to hurt somebody else to feel happy himself, someone else may not want that. So, there are no limits for that, but there is a moral ethic of “humanity” I think we should follow.

I suggest that you don’t hurt anyone, mentaly or physicaly, to feel happy yourself.

All the happiness you can have it’s up to you. Not others. You can either have it or not. It’s all up to you.

Sometimes maybe you’ll have to hurt somebody to feel happy, but the thing is he has got to deserve it. You can’t judge if someone deserves pain, but you can act by the circumstances. Meaning that if it’s obvious that someone wants to hurt you then you’d better hurt him first.

Nevertheless, feeling happy is almost always up to you. Your choices, your thoughts, your decisions and in what degree you accept your preferences and generally yourself.

But, I know, we all have bad times when we are “emotionally hurt” by others ,so we have to give our best to feel happy and not care about them or what they think they did to us. So don’t let anyone emotionally hurt you. Including yourself.

There are some characteristics, though, you can develop, adopt and evolve.

Admit your mistakes

Admiting our mistakes to others isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Hell it’s hard, until we’ve admited our mistakes to ourselves first. If we admit inside us that we have made a mistake, either it’s something we said or done, then we are closer to admit that we’ve made something wrong in front of others. And that takes very very much practice. Practice and battle inside us, because every time we feel like we have to admit something to others there is a little war inside us whether to admit it or not. How will people take it. Maybe they will mock us or not. Screw people, they will mock us either we do something good or bad. Do good and don’t care about others.

We are all afraid of humiliation. But with practice we keep that feeling as low as possible. With practice we understand that admitting is a strong and honorable virtue that is worth adopting and applying. It is worth it because at the end of the day when you admit your mistakes to those you care about, there is no way that you won’t feel happier as the majority of them will recognize your effort and will admit their mistakes to you too. Everyone is happy.


When you smile even for no reason you feel better and that really is contagious too. When you smile and show happiness to somebody it’s more likely that he or she will give it back.

Try to smile in front of your mirror. Don’t you feel happier? I guess you do. Think ,that instead of looking yourself in the mirror, to look somebody else with a wide smile in your face. Wouldn’t it be great?

Talk with people

Talking with people we like does us good. We are humans and we are social creatures. If you were completely alone in this world without any other people or other living creatures, would you be happy at all? I don’t think so. I can’t even imagine it.

Talking with others makes us good in many ways and for many reasons. Don’t you feel better when you are with your friends speaking of things you feel and let go of a heavy burden in your stomach? I do.

So keep in touch with your friends on a daily basis if possible, or whenever you are able to. It’s a standard feel-good medicine. The thing is to find people we like to hung out with and stick with them. The others can suck it. Have friends, chat with them.

Read Books 

Read happy books or books with a purpose to make you feel better and generally happy. A very good example is a book that I am currently reading that is called How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. Maybe the best book out there with the purpose to make you feel better and get great messages about life and happiness. So don’t worry and start to live.

Listen to Happy Music 

It is psychologically proven that music affects our mood and helps us to feel better, excited and full of energy or to feel bad for this we’ve done or whatever we think that haunts us. It’s all in your head. YOU choose to think and re-think good things or repeat in your head sad thoughts. Will you listen to happy or sad music?

Don’t let unpleasant things happen to you

A lesson that I have learnt by the times is that when we are around friends or family and something unpleasant is happening we let them spoil us. This is a bad mistake that we make. In the end the time spent with them turns out to be a total time waste and good mood destroyer. So when you feel like someone is going to waste your time or destroy your good will and mood stop them.

Think positive

People have been thinking negatively since the beginning of life. But the successful and happy people have always been thinking positive. Not only seeing things from a positive perspective and with a good will, will make you happy, you will also keep achieving things in life and keep going. Stop hurting yourself thinking negative.

So guys…

Keep being happy by doing things you like and make you happy. I hope you have found things you like doing and keep doing them as long as you want and of course as long as they don’t hurt others in any way. Everyone has his own paths to feel happy keep them alive and always be free to change. In some points you may be required to make changes in order to make others happy and be happy yourself. Open your eyes and mind in the world.

So guys embrace the nice nice morning that rises in the world. Look up to the skies, build, think, read, speak, do your thing, make money, matter, be.

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