Every Man Should Have Priorities in Life

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To put priorities in order is a real man’s essential virtue.

If you want to be a real man you should have priorities. And you should put them in order.

If you don’t have priorities then you are a loser and you should figure out some. You may not know what your priorities are, but you do have some thoughts. Don’t be scared to write them all down in an order and accept them.

I am writing on this blog 5 months now. Four months now it was my No.1 priority. But the last month I have started to working on some other plans.

As I have written in my previous article, I did exactly that thing. I know that things are going on in every person’s life, but you have to focus on one thing at least for some period of time.

So, you have to know your priorities and to start achieving them there is only one way. You have to focus on one at a time. I don’t mean that you’ll have to focus on one thing and stop doing everything else, I mean you’ll have to clarify your thoughts, put them in line, plan the way of achieving them and do as planned.

I don’t know about your thoughts, I’m not in your head and I don’t know about your plans or how are you going to succeed the things you have put in line.

But I can tell you that; any thought, dream, plan, goal you have, you can achieve it if you plan and do it right now.

Stop reading this article for a moment, take a piece of paper and write down all the non-achieved goals you have. Put them in priority order so you will be ready to get to work


Back to the article now.

As I told you I have my own priorities and I have started working on them and I am seeing a progress.

My No.1 priority was to clarify some thoughts in my head and start working on them (and they have worked well), so I would make a stop forward in my life.

If you read about admirable and successful men earth has known, you will notice that in every point of their lives they had their priorities numbered.

Would that be working on something new, or would that be to win something, learn something or find something, there was always something.

If you want to be more focused and relaxed you have to start working on the things on your head after making them numbered priorities. That way you won’t be lost. You will know that you have to do A, B, C.

I am more focused and relaxed now and I feel better than before. Why? I put my thoughts in real plans and I have started applying them.

The stress and the insomnia will all go away as you start doing your thing.

But you won’t know if your plan works. You won’t, until you do it. You can’t know if it was the right plan or the right thing for you until you do it.

So, don’t care about what comes next. If you truly follow your heart then you will feel great and fulfilled, with no remorse, no regrets.



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