Freedom, Plans and Finding a Job as a Student

Freedom, Plans and Finding a Job as a Student, Live Like A Wolf 1 Live Like A Wolf, Freedom, Plans and Finding a Job as a Student 1

I use to go to my balcony outside my room and think, watching the see, the buildings, the sky,the moon, the stars and breathe some clean air…

I even take a chair and go to read a book outside. It is very calming.

There was a time when I could see through many buildings away and watch the clear or the restless sea. Now there are two, maybe three tiny holes to the sea. But that it’s okay. It is still wonderful to watch the sea. It was never tiring.

Many times a flock of birds flies above the blue sky and I think of freedom. What it would be like to be a bird. A free bird. A bird that is free of responsibilities, stress and geographical limits.

A bird doesn’t get to have a job. No need to make money. No need to buy things. But a bird should fight, make friends and family (flock). A bird should fight for food, for safety and for a good nest.

Freedom, Plans and Finding a Job as a Student, Live Like A Wolf

I want a life similar to a bird’s. No stress, no worries for money, no fake needs, no consumer and dumb habits.

That is why I am building my future. That is why I found a part-time job as a waiter at a hotel, after months of searching but alongside working on my blog, even for zero money (for now). I am very proud of my 11 posts even if I make zero from my blog. Soon enough I’ll start making money.

That is why I have a plan in my head that I have to fulfill. But that plan needs money. Enough money to live at a foreign country for at least two months.

I surely have some doubts. I don’t want so, but they’re still there. Maybe it’s the fear of success. The thing I know is that I will follow that path. Until the end.

Finding a job as a student

Finding a job in the winter especially in my country (Hellas) isn’t the easiest thing. It’s almost impossible. Having over 40% unemployment, my country is suffering.

For a young man like me, it’s pretty hard to find a job somewhere near town. But it was never hard to work online. Nevertheless I eventually found a job through an ex teacher of my University.

The job isn’t high paying, but it is something compared to my zero skills on hotel service. It is two days per week for starters and it’s five hours, but it’s a good start to get in the market and to make some money needed to achieve my goals.

What did I learn from all the time I was searching for a job?

1) Have a resume

Not having a resume is like going to war without a gun. Even if you know nothing make a resume and be sure it is well written and good looking. So, put a good professional photo of yourself with a light smile and be sure to write all of your skills concerning the job you want to apply for.

2) Be pleasing and confident when you are asking for a job

The least that the person who is interviewing you is to see a nervous guy, looking on the wall and confusing his words. Be cozy and confident.

3) Search for the right way to make your resume

Obviously I’m not an expert for resumes but the thing I know for sure is that you have to make a good one. Find the proper sites or people who know how to do the work.

4) Find something that you like to do

If you can find something that you like to do then you are alright. Otherwise, if your need for money is big, then work something temporary until you find a job you like.

5) Know why you are doing it

Know why you want to work and why you want to make some money. Spending your time working should be worth it because time is the most important thing we’ve got.

A plan

Having a plan is the winner’s way. Not having a plan, even a short-period one, is the lost person’s way. I am kind of lost too, being in my 20s and trying to get in the real world, but I do have a plan.

The plan doesn’t matter because it is still a plan. Even if you fail or succeed, you will know that you did what you felt to do and if it’s really the thing you wanted I know you will succeed. That is what I feel about it. I am not sure where I will end up but I have a good feeling about it.

I want freedom, being healthy and happy and enjoying the way I make money. That is why I am building my future.  And I build it my own way. You have to build it your own way too.

All you have to do is to follow what you feel you have to do and plan the way of doing it. Oh and the plan isn’t going to work itself. YOU have to work on it of course. Every single day.

All the successful people I know, have done what they felt doing. From small businessmen to billionaires. They have at least failed more that 5 times to get where they are now.

The thing is…

What are your plans and how are you going to achieve them?



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