How Freedom is Connected to Your Business Life

How Freedom is Connected to Your Business Life, Live Like A Wolf


First month in my life working full time and it feels very wrong.

July has been a different month in my life. It was the first month in my life I worked full time for someone else (the hotel owners).

I understood some things in a better way, as I saw in first hand what it really means to have an 8 hour job.

Now I got the full picture of what many great men say that having a job 5 days per week (or more) eats your insides and wastes the most valuable thing you have in the world. Your time.

But there are some things that need to get clear.

Why am I doing it? To get some experience in the market, to see how things work on the first place and to make some money while working on my plan. 

Working for someone else for some period of time is not always bad.

I know that I am in a great way in my life. And I also believe that to find what you really want you have to try things out. And somehow you’ve got to get experience. So you’ll may have to work for someone else for some time.

My brother always use to say that “you have to delete things you don’t find a good idea from your “list” of your choices to find what you want“.

But you have to be sure you don’t like a thing written on your list, because it is on your list.

So I add to this that to make that list and delete things, you have to think of things you like, do them and see what you really like. Deleting things on your “list” you will walk the good path.

But my every time mystery was that “how can you really know when to quit” and I’ve come to the answer: When it feels right.

When you come to the point that you are completely true to yourself about who you really are and what you’re really accomplishing, you have the strength to admit that you have really worked on it but it just isn’t your thing. It doesn’t feel right. If it still feels right to continue in the back of your head though, then you shouldn’t stop.

This matter is a thin line though, and you have to find your own truth in these words.

I am a 19 years old man. I love blogging, I love martial arts, I love reading books, they just feel right. At the time. But is this self going to be my future self?

Maybe, maybe not. What will I surely do? I will keep going. Keep rollin’. I will follow the plan and I will go with my sentimental and evolutionary flow. Because I remember why I have started

I also love doing other things too, but at times I focus only on one thing because that’s the way you get results. Thats why it took so long to write a new article on my website.

When you do many things you can’t be great to all these things. You become great at one thing first and then you keep mastering others.

I believe that people have to improve and evolve into something better. And better means what feels right to you. You always have to seek for new things, you always have to do things and you always have got to have a main cause/purpose.

Why? To get somewhere. To get something. To be happy. To do things that matter. And to feel complete. When things that I’ve worked on pay I’m feeling all these great emotions. I’m sure you love these emotions too.

Finding what you want is a path of life. You may want many things. We all do, but to find your purpose in life, your position in life, your part in world’s spin, your role in the play, you have to live and work on things.

I am 19 and I feel I am an enemy with time already. I feel that time is passing. I feel that I have to find the purpose, to find what feels clearly right. To find the “terminal” stop-to-keep-going-to. All these, because I want to succeed young.

But the terminal doesn’t mean one thing. The terminal means the key to all the doors.

To find this key you have to seek for it. To unlock the door you have to have the key to do it. The key is there for everyone. Many think that you are too young or too old to find that key, but I don’t believe in any of these, because I am 19 and I feel it’s presence.

Maybe it will be in 1 year or maybe it will be in 15, both suit me. Still young, still fired up.

You will feel the key’s presence when you start to seek for it (work), even if you’re 19 or you are 59, it’s never too late. Unless you are dying

As long as you start looking for it, eventually you’re gonna feel it and then find it.

And these are all connected to your business life. Meaning how you are making money. Are you free or imprisoned? Are you a free man or a prisoner in the 8 hour (or more) job?

The Captain Waiter I am working with at the hotel is working almost 12 hours every day for 7 months on average. No days off. He sleeps, he eats, he fucks and he works. His job is seasonal and on the months he is not working he does anything he wants. Right? Maybe he is living all the time. Or he is living the life he wanted, but just for 5 months.

How can we know? Is he happy with giving away 7 months of his life for 5 months off? Maybe, but it’s not the only path he can take. With 7 years of work experience and a nice salary for our country (Hellas), he could start any venture he would love to.

He is only 32 and he doesn’t think there is a better way making money and living as “good” as he “lives” in “nowadays”.

One thing is sure. He is a prisoner.

I know his is wrong. In my reality you can achieve anything you want. As long as you keep an open mind, off of regrets, labels, masses, old beliefs, work on your goals and eventually you will get results.

Am I getting results? Yes I am. I maybe not making money yet (I have made a little), but the way I feel and the things I’ve learnt after months of progress is results to me.

To get to the freedom you have to work on some things. Maybe you’ll have to be an employee for sometime maybe you won’t. But the point is you have to do something. You can find your way as I’ve found mine.

I have the plan in my head and you should too. It’s not the final cut but it is a cut.

Find your cut and start seeking for the key.

I already feel the aura. I already see the unlimited doors. And I also know I have a whole way to walk.

But I also know that I am gonna get it. Sooner than later. Don’t you?

Keep workin’, keep rollin’,


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