How Wolf Roaring and Music Can Better Your Work-Outs

Live Like A Wolf, Article, How Roar and Music Can Help You Have Better Work-Outs

Do you roar when you work-out? Do you listen to motivational music when you work out? I do both. So, let me tell you how animal roaring and motivational music can help you have better work outs.

My roar is what I call it”Animal roar” or “Wolf roar”. When doing work outs on some final reps I find difficult completing, I Wolf roar.

My  roar has been helping completing the reps and even do more. In addition it makes me feel stronger, more motivated and hungry for more reps. It also gives me power and relief.

How does this work?

Many times we get angry, anxious or sad about something and we want to scream. When we release voice energy we feel more relieved like a burden comes out of us. Same thing happens with work outs.

I’m used doing that because 6 months now I work out at home. I know that you maybe go to the gym and you think you can’t do that because others are looking or may talk about you.

But who cares? Unless it is on the policy of the gym to not make some screams why not do some when lifting hard?

Don’t care about others. They are maybe scared of others  and ashamed (and maybe themselves too).

The Wolf Roar

  •  Helps you finish your reps. (and even do more)
  •  Makes you feel relieved.
  •  Makes you feel better.
  •  Releases big amount of oxygen.
  •  Makes you feel like a hungry animal
  •  You will love it as you will scream even without/ having work outs.
  •  It takes your motivation to the sky
  •  You scare others (haha)

So do your screaming and get relieved. You’ll see a significant change.

On the other hand, if the policy of the gym does not allow you to make noise when you lift weights, then scream lower. But scream either way.

Try that and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Motivational Music

I this sounds mundane but you’ll to listen to the motivational music of your preference to have better work outs.

Great music makes great work outs.

Listening to music that takes you higher helps you more than anything. Music controls your feelings, in a way, so when you listen to great music you feel great to move on and finish your reps, lift harder and feel better.


  •  Make a list of your favorite tracks on your phone or mp3.
  •  Make the lists big enough to change them within the days to not get bored listening the same old every time
  •  Explore other kind of songs to expand your preferences because you will eventually get bored of the same tracks.
  •  Experiment on more genres. I like many music genres. When I feel like listening to one particular I make a similar list (it takes just 2 minutes). I like rock, metal, classical, instrumental, epic and electronic music. You’ll think how is this possible? But with an open mind everything’s possible.  Years ago I would say oh I don’t like this I don’t like that genre without even listening to it. Don’t put limits, listen to whatever you like and I’m telling you it is possible to like songs from every genre.
  •  Put your earphones on.
  •  Enjoy!

Let the music make you feel.

Music Recommendations:

  • Electronic: Daft Punk, David Guetta (ft whatever), The Glitch Mob, various artists
  • Metal: Metallica, Amon Amarth, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Black Sabbath
  • Rock: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, UFO
  • Instrumental: Epic instrumental music, The Hobbit Soundtrack, The Lord Of the Rings Soundtrack (playlists on YouTube), Star Wars Soundtrack, other movies soundtracks
  • Various stand alone singles

The key to playlists is to listen to as many different songs as you can, so can pick amongst many choices.

Both of these methods I use help me a lot to have better and more intensive work-outs.

Try them out.



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