How to Go From Skinny or Fat to Muscular-Fit (Without Steroids or Any Supplements) Basic Routine

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The key to become muscular is the motive and the willpower. You’ve got to have a motive , a why.

We all have things happening in our lives.

There surely is something that made you search for an article like this. Maybe you are fat and disappointed from your experience with girls. Or maybe you are just a skinny and weak guy that wants to change. Or maybe something just happened in your life that made you want to have a great physique.


My reason, at first, was a misunderstanding three years ago that led to me getting punched in the face. I admit that I was scared when it happened and felt so weak after, that many months after I’d still feel the anger of revenge, I’d still feel disappointed with myself and the need to become stronger and more confident.

That revenge never happened though. Now, I am stronger and more confident. And I’m telling you, I feel very good.


Some days I would be so angry with myself and with the other guy, that I wouldn’t sleep , I wouldn’t eat well , I wouldn’t think clearly, I wouldn’t really be calm.


I promised to myself that this will never ever happen to me again and that I will not let me feel that way again. Ever. So I started training martial arts (currently I am not because I have some things going on) and have been working-out hard since then (I had a few months off for University entrance examination).

My purpose back then was to beat that guy’s ass. But my purpose completely changed after I really started becoming muscular.

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There are many reasons why you would want to become muscular. Maybe you think you don’t know yet. But I can help you clear some thoughts.


  • You become stronger. And that means that you can stand for yourself and protect others too (a combination with a martial-art would be way better)That doesn’t mean that you are going to be out in the streets beating up people. You are doing this for yourself and your own safety. Nobody else. You just embrace the privileges of being muscular and trained in martial arts. But there are many people though, who only care about what others think.
  • You are healthier. As you lift weights your overall health is better (and you are stronger against flues too). Cardio is good too and essential for a nice shaped physique and a healthy life. Especially if you want to go from fat to fit.
  • Something has happened in your life that made you want something more of yourself, physically and mentally. Maybe you had a bad experience like I did.
  • You are more confident. This related to all of the above, but more related to the first reason that I mentioned. As you have a better body, you feel better, and this has an impact on your character, depending on the person (many dickheads have a nice physique), but you and me are different from them, because we want to have a better physique and become better individuals. Don’t you? If you don’t, then this is not a site for you my friend.
  • Girls like muscular guys. That is completely true and anyone who says the opposite is a fucking moron. You know that I know that. It is a fact. Girls notice you when you are in a good shape and they like it that you care about your physique.


Only the people who understand their weaknesses and improve will succeed. 


So how do you become muscular or fit?


You find a purpose, some body transformation goals and you pay a subscription at your local gym. Of course there is more. With your subscription to the gym you must have a good diet too. This means that you have to know when and what to eat and how much of it you need to eat.

Remember these 3:

1)”Moderation is best in all things”   -Cleobulus of Lindos


2)”Nothing in excess”  -Solon of Athens


3) “Train N’ Gain” -Mike from Live Like A Wolf


The first photo was taken almost 3 years ago and the others were taken yesterday (yesterday: 26/10/2015)


Mike Wolf 3 years before and now

Note: And remember no steroids are recommended before the age of 28.

You don’t have to take steroids to become muscular. If you are in your 20s it’s not good for your health and most likely it will have consequences in the future.


I am not going to give you any particular exercise full program or diet. But there are a few tips though that can help you getting started:


The basic exercises:

  • Flexions
  • Squats
  • Pull ups
  • Cardio
  • Abs exercises

These exercises will help you become stronger and prepared to hit the gym hard.


Best foods for an athlete:

  • Eggs
  • Steaks
  • Apples, bananas, kiwi, grape, watermellon (fruit in general or fresh juices, especially green juices)
  • Beans (fresh and normal)
  • Salmon
  • Nuts


If you are fat don’t much. Eat less. I would recommend 2-3 meals per day (Breakfast-Lunch-Small meal 2-3 hours before bed or Lunch-Afternoon-Small meal 2-3 hours before bed). My brother, when he was fat, he was eating 2 meals per day and a banana 2-3 hours before bed and he lost 15kg in about 8 months. So, you could try that. 


If you are skinny eat more and take on some kilos but don’t eat more than you need. I would recommend 3-4 meals per day (Breakfast-Lunch-Afternoon medium meal-Medium meal 2-3 hours before bed). When I was skinny I started eating more than I did before and took a fish oil pill every morning to help me with my apetite (I would be more hungry than normal). 


What I do now:

Firstly, to get things straight, being mascular and/or fit is a way of life, so you are obliged to get used to some particular health and fitness habits.

1) I work out 3 days per week.

2) I train on martial arts 3 days per week.

3) I go running at the local Ancient Greek Stadium 2-4 times per month on Saturday evenings (I feel like an ancient Greek athelete!!).

4) I drink milk.

5) I eat 3-4 meals per day (Breakfast-Lunch-Medium meal in the evening (often skipped)-A medium meal 2-3 before bed) and a sweet dessert after lunch (most times homemade but also often skipped). Some days I won’t eat at the evening. Also no snacks.

6) I drink lots of water.

7) I eat as clean as possible.

8) I eat junk food once a week or once in two weeks.

9) I don’t take any steroids or any other supplements.

10) I’m always willing to learn more about health and fitness reading books and articles online and asking some friends that are wokring in the field.


A Wolf’s Essential qualities:


  • Believe in yourself.
  • A purpose and a goal.
  • A body model in mind (how you want to look).
  • Mental and physical improvement.
  • Unbeatable will.



That’s it guys. Start with these simple exercises, foods, habits, start improving your mental skills, hit the gym and become a Wolf.




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  2. You’re welcome!

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