How to Stay Motivated to Do Anything

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To be honest, I wouldn’t publish today. I had nothing ready. I admit it.

I have some ideas in the Drafts, but they are things that hit me once and the moment that I should have written them, I didn’t.

Yesterday I sat down to my PC and forced myself to write. Suddenly a friend comes in my house, without asking me, and he sat beside me. You know I can’t write when somebody else stares at me and at my work.

He then started to talk to me and my brother and then a little mess up started. I couldn’t think clearly, I couldn’t write, my clarity was gone. I do blame myself for the most part, that firstly I let him bell my door uninvited, despite all the warnings I told him, and I do blame myself for not just picking my mobile phone and go to write in my bedroom. My brother’s and my PC are installed at the living room, due to lack of space.

So, what did I get? I got 2 hours ruined trying to show I didn’t want to talk, and trying to focus on my writing at an unfriendly environment.

While I was watching some videos on youtube this noon, Boom! it hit me. How to get motivated to do anything. I said: That’s what I will write about. After the last busy week and the yesterday’s event I haven’t write for today.

Boom, just like that. I stood up, opened my PC and started to write.

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We all just had that bad morning, noon or afternoon of feeling completely bored and completely unmotivated to do anything, even just to go and wash our clothes for example. These hard times are my worst. I feel weak and stressful about stuff and for things about my future. And that times, I lack of motivation.

So, how do you get motivated to do anything?

Easy. Find your mentors. Your mentors will help you find Motivation in everything. Watch videos, read articles and books, and listen to podcasts of other successful people’s. People’s you consider your mentors. We want to stay Motivated for ever, so we should find a way to be Motivated without the need of our mentors to motivate us. That’s on you. Your mentors will help you at the start, help you find the Path to Motivation and then you’ll find your way. I’m sure. That’s exactly what happened to me.

I have some people that I consider my mentors, motivations and influences. Some of them include Victor Pride from Bold And Determined and Mike Cernovich from Danger And Play. Those two guys have motivated me the most. Not any kind of a stupid movie about a “nobody who becomes somebody”, or a 5 minute YouTube “motivational” video. That’s bullshit.

 You have to find some people to motivate you

Some influences, some all day all time human beings that will help you at any time at any condition. Those two other guys are online. They run their own websites, their own social network pages, including videos and podcasts, and are always on to help you and me and anybody else who wants something more out of life and he is willing to give his all to obtain it. I am online too.

Amongst others those two guys have changed my life. Those two guys, where the guys that motivated me the most to start a website to help others too. Those two guys have inspired me to find Motivation in everything, even just today to write this particular article. And my goal is to motivate you. If I achieve that, I feel great. Because the meaning of helping others is that you don’t want others to feel bad or have the same bad experiences and problems you had before and somehow you got out of. You don’t want others to suffer. You want to make the world better. Every morning, every day, any time…

Ideas put in Action will get you going

The ideas that you put in Action are the most important thing that will get you going.

Start doing now! Start planning improving and take action of your ideas right now! In other words make them true, one by one.

Start with the your biggest picture idea right now. Wright it down to a paper, stick it everywhere in your house and start making it come true right now.

Why did you started? 

Remembering the reason why you started what you are about to start or what you have already started will motivate you to keep going.

Keep a note to view your progress overtime. This way you will know that you aren’t doing circles. If you are then you will know something is wrong.

My brother and friend had wrote me a line in front of my desk  saying: A deserter never wins and a winner never deserts. Combined with me keeping notes on why I had started to study for college I never deserted on studying.

That was two years before, things changed but you get the point.

  Motivation is something that keeps you improving

Keeps me improving. Keeps anybody else who wants success, improvement and is working on to get it. Not the losers, not the inactive, not the lazy, not the people who want success and they want it now, and they want it for free…

To get is to give.

For those guys there is only one thing. Suffer. They will suffer as they be, they will suffer as they grow old, they will suffer and be scared as they face the real world, they will suffer and suffer… Those are the losers. Those are the no-getters. Those who want success now and for free.

I’m not saying I’m successful. But in a way I am. Day by day I get closer to success. I don’t care if it will come tomorrow, if it will come the next year. But it will come. I am sure. Why? Because I make baby steps. Every day a little more, every day a little higher.

There are things like life that we’ve got to fight for. And this fight should never stop. This fight will keep going. We can’t lose our motivation. We shouldn’t lose our motivation. And the most common thing that we are fighting for, is life. In a way. We all fight for life in a way. By making money to live well, to help our families, to help our beloved ones, to help the world. But those things require patience and persistence.

Motivation helps you and me succeed. Motivation helps you and me to get going, to live well. To rise.

 Motivation keeps us alive

And by Alive I mean really Alive, not zombies of the new world’s quick paces. The world’s fake social media, internet and non. By Alive I mean doing things that matter and not things that don’t. Doing things to improve but not by making others suffer.

And it’s so easy to love your life. Just do things you enjoy and make you a better person. Of course, we all got to do temporary things to live, working a job we don’t really like for example, but the ideal is to make the things we enjoy doing our jobs. Whether it’s playing the guitar or running a Blog. Because that way we are never actually working but we are working in a way. It doesn’t matter if you don’t make money at first. But when you do, you will achieve what you wanted and what I wanted.

With Motivation we improve, live long and prosper.

Motivation is a part of my lifestyle, an integrated part of me. Make it yours too.

Don’t wait for anything. Now it’s the time. Not tomorrow, not the next year.

The answer is right now.

Do what you love to do and see you in the world of happiness, health, wealth, love and success.


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