How to Stop Living and Start Doing

How to Stop Living and Start Doing by Live Like A Wolf Live Like A Wolf, How to Stop Living and Start Doing

Are you lost? Have you a big list of things to do that is so big that you end up doing nothing? Stop living like that and start doing.

For the past three weeks I had so many things in my head along with the flu, that I didn’t read any books, didn’t do anything special and I didn’t write any articles.

In my previous article I wrote about a plan that I have in mind. So, the past three weeks I did nothing but confusing myself about the plan and about what may or may not happen. The things that I will do until I gather up the money. I was thinking about my studies, I gave up on reading books, and just started feeling anxious about my future.

I had so many things on my plate; studies, my future, my job, my plan, and I didn’t have the courage to take the time to clarify my thoughts so I was lost day after day…

So, what have I concluded?

Focus on one thing 

It was three weeks ago. It was late at night and I was anxious as always. I wasn’t sleepy, but it was late and six hours later I had to go to the University. But I said to myself: I don’t care about tomorrow, I won’t let another day of stress pass and still be stressed about my future. I won’t sleep until I have a peace of mind or until at least I have thought and wrote a plan down on a paper.

So, I started with the basics. I put in order the 3 things that concerned me and started to think about every one of them in priority order.

First: What will I study? Will I stop studies of current major in the University or will I apply for something else. I stopped thinking the future for a second and clarified what I do like to do now. Forget about the future, I said to myself. Now, what do I like now? I like businesses. Do I have to go to college for that? I asked myself. I answered no, but it’s a new step, so why not? (It is also free). I will apply for a business major and If I don’t like it I will drop out, so what? Bill Gates dropped out of college, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college too. But both of them are still doing what they love, and what they love gives them a lot of money.

Second: But in the mean time I will work too. Until I start going to the next Uni I have to work. And that got me anxious in a way. As I revealed in my previous post, I finally found a part-time job. And that it’s OK. The thing that got me anxious was a second job I applied for that starts on April and ends in late September. The thing is, I may have to go to University before September, otherwise I may get expelled. I decided to start the job, if they take me, and then tell them about my studies. Pretty simple right? Yes, but if I tell them from the start that I may have to go to studies before September, they will possibly not even accept me to work. But, you know what?  I don’t care. When the time comes I will have to look up for myself. I will tell them when the time comes, because, I need the money for my plan.

Third: Am I sure that I like business major? No, but I don’t know what it is like to study business and being in the world of businesses. Moreover, I work as a waiter. How could I have an idea of what it is like working for a small or big business in a management position. I do like businesses now, so I decided to go study business. But that is not my plan. My plan is something different from businesses and studies and all that kind of stuff. And the money that I want to gather up from my jobs are not for studies, they are for my big plan. And that plan demands a big amount of money. At least for now I have that plan. The thing is that I have a piece of mind now that I have a plan.

I have decided what I want now and that threw all the anxiety and the detour from my daily basis routine and habits. I spent endless time on Google all these days to find an answer to my problems. The thing I didn’t realize, was that I had to focus on one thing. And that made me start living and start doing things. Start living my life peacefully and calmly.

Now that I am writting this article, now that days pass and I don’t feel bad, now that I have focused on one thing and thought of a plan, now I am calm and free of anxiety. I have a plan and I will follow it. That is the solution. Maybe It’s two plans; the first big plan and to let my life be as I follow the plan.

Put your thoughts in order (write them down), focus on one thing, make a plan, follow it, let it happen and don’t lose yourself in second thoughts. Just let it be.

That way you will stop living the same anxious days and start doing. 



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