How to Stop Playing Video Games All The Time

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A usual hobby of our generation is playing video games. I am not saying it’s a bad hobby, but many people get trapped by this hobby wasting their whole spare time alone in their dark room playing video games.

I was one of them once, but I got out.


It all begun when I finished high school and started improving myself (lifestyle, thinking, and habits). I found better things to do in my time, including reading books, articles, working on my blog, starting practicing martial arts again, making a more stable and disciplined work-out program and many other interesting and improving occupations, making my life better.

At one point, I’d play video games 50% of my time, but almost a year ago I realized that playing video games all the time is a waste of time (the other 50% was school, studying, eating, sleeping, going for a walk and normal daily stuff). And it really is. Beside the joy and the adventure you feel when you are playing video games you don’t always learn something out of it or improve yourself in any way.

I don’t claim that we don’t need any kind of entertainment or that I never play video games, or do any other entertaining stuff. I still play every now and then (but I don’t waste all my day), I am just saying that it shouldn’t be a man’s No.1 priority.

Every man should have his own priorities and playing video games should not be on the top, unless it’s your job.


When you find better habits to do in your time, you almost don’t think of video games in a way of playing unstoppably for hours, and in the end of story even playing twice, or once, or even not at all per week or month. Like me.

I grew up playing video games and I had countless great times playing with my brother, my parents and my friends and it has been a big part of my life,that, that I still have good memories of. Many of you may have grown up this way and it’s hard to wean off unless you are determined to.

There are many kinds of games. Some are very interesting and have something to teach you in the end of story and others are just some addictive kind of shit that you end up angry with and eventually with a ruined afternoon. And that, of course, is something that we can’t let to happen because our time is the most precious thing we’ve got in this world and ruining it is the worst you can do to yourself. I hope you don’t wanna ruin it.

So if you don’t, work on it.



The truth is that there will be obstacles. Not natural obstacles, but obstacles others create and that hamper you to escape the trap.

Many of your friends may obstruct you, because they are trapped in the nasty world of addictive gaming and just because they don’t want to feel that they are the only ones who are mocked , held by and mostly alone. So they decoy and lure you to play some addictive kind of game with them. They may won’t do it on purpose as it’s human sentiment to not want to feel alone and the only one who is fooled or trapped.

Despite all these, there may be some friends that will be compassionate and will fight this battle with you. Then you will both escape and enjoy the good life without wasting your lives playing video games all the time. Either way don’t count on others.


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As playing video games has become a habit to many people, there are many other valuable habits and a routine you could adopt  to normally cut off  the endless addictive video gaming. But you just have to want it and be determined to do it.

You also have to know why you are doing it. Meaning you have to find your reasons why you’d want to quit playing video games at the most of your time. Maybe you want something more out of life. Maybe not.

You can’t just stop it because you have read an article or because I suggested it. You have to understand why you’d better quit continuously playing video games .

Here are some “methods” or ideas you can apply:

  • Read my articles on work-outs and boredom.
  • Write on a paper what you like to do.
  • Write on a paper why you want to stop playing video games all the time (or doing any bad habit you have).
  • Don’t care about what your time-waster friends think. They’ll probably drag you down.
  • Don’t listen to addicted people.
  • Pick up new creative habits.
  • Quit video games gradually. If you don’t quit gradually, you’ll probably explode some day, and then back to square one.
  • Start reading some books, my articles, other quality articles (I will suggest a list of websites and books that I read and prefer) about improvement at any aspect of life (economics, training, lifestyle, thinking) and start training a martial art.

The above methods are tested and applied by me and many others and have proven that they really do work.

So if you are wasting your time playing video games, start applying the methods that I mentioned and enjoy a life in the real world which is wonderful.



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