Exams Survival Guide and The Energetic Snack


If you study in College then this article is for you.

How to Survive the Exams. It’s January, exams start and young people start crying. But, man, exams aren’t that bad.

Exams aren’t the big deal. The big deal is in our heads. It’s just examination of what you were supposed to study in the past semester.

If you are in that kind of position I have good news and bad news.

Bad news: If you haven’t studied during the whole semester you are screwed.

Good news: I’ve got some tips for you guys. For those who have studied and those who haven’t.

So here you are:

How to Survive the Exams

Why didn’t you study my friend? You procrastinated. So slap yourself.

Did you study like a smart person would do? Way to go man! Keep it up.

I don’t know in what rate you didn’t study, if you have attended to all the class hours or how many you have missed. Anyways, here are some tips that will help you with exams in your college life.

1. Sleep Well

The most important factor for success in your exams period is sleep. No more staying out late with your friends, no more sleepless nights. Sleep well to fill your body with energy. But don’t overdo it and turn into a zombie as soon as you wake up. 8-9 hours are just fine and maybe a siesta.

2. Eat Well

Eating well is an essential principle for success in exams. You have to eat well and healthy to fill your batteries. Fruits, meat and eggs will help. Also, stay well hydrated (~3lts/day) .

3. Exercise.

Don’t make the mistake and dumb/ditch/stop exercising. Keeping your blood flow well is very important to success. Exercising cleans your mind, helps to eliminate stress and keeps you healthy. I did that exactly mistake. The outcome? Some extra kilos that I had to get rid of in the summer.

4. Start from the basics.

If you don’t even know how a complicated equation is solved don’t expect to learn how to solve it now. Better start from a basic equation form and score a few points from the easy exercises rather than start studying the complicated first and in the end get a nice zero. Study anything basic you can and sleep at least 6.3 hours for the night before exams.

5. Write on a paper anything you haven’t studied and promise to yourself that you will study them and that you will start today.

But you know, a promise doesn’t mean shit if you haven’t improve your mental power to avoid procrastination(link) and what it can do to your whole life and not just your college years. By writing down what you find out that you don’t know, you gather it all together so you won’t have to search from the start. All set. Start from the most important to the least.

6. Plan your studies for the exams. (Time Management)

Maybe the most important thing to do if you are a student. Make a program. Just like the one you have for your work-outs.(link). Plan everything. Write on a paper your college hours, your hours for work-outs and your free hours. Think of a program that will suit you when the time comes for the exams.If they have started already, it’s ok, make a program no matter what.  Manage your time correctly and you will be just fine.

The standard recipe for failure is to leave everything for the last day before the exams. If you want to fail follow it step by step.

Do you have exams tomorrow ? Is it morning for you now? Great! Plan your study hours for today and for the next days now!

7. Do something relaxing.

Go out with your friends, read books or watch a movie on Friday or at the weekend. The best feel-good ways after hours of studying in the full week. For me when I was having exams, I used to hang out with friends order fast food and watch a movie on Friday night to feel good, to relax and to reduce stress. I also enjoy reading books to relax too.

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Introducing the Ultimate Energy Snack

Beside coffee there are other energy secrets nature has. Honey with walnuts and almonds or dried figs is a great energy snack that will reduce your hunger during the afternoon and will give you enough energy to keep studying for your exams. I eat it every now and then years now.

Combined with your noon coffee this snack will give you valuable energy and many nutrients. Having a great taste that combination of honey, almonds or dried figs and walnuts is something special.

Why is the snack energetic and healthy?

  • Walnuts have nutrients such protein, B vitamins, Omega 3 and more…
  • Dried figs have vitamin C, protein, vitamin B3 and much more.
  • Almonds have also many proteins, vitamin C and much more.
  • Honey has Carbohydrates many vitamins and minerals and much more.

A combination of your choice makes a great, energetic, tasty and healthy snack. The prices maybe a little high, but hey, you want value don’t you? Value and hygiene make us strong and healthy, so chose what you eat and choose it wisely.

I recommend you to try it out for a week and see the results.Study for your exams, eat the snack and you will be fine.


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