“I Am In My Early 20s And I Don’t Know What I Want to Do” (How to Find What You Want)

The Crossroads of Choices The Crossroads of Choices

Are you in your early 20s and you don’t know what you want? I have been there too.

That phrase was all I was saying after finishing high-school .This phrase was haunting me for months. 

*If you say the same thing to yourself, true or not, you will believe it. So be careful of what you are telling to yourself.*

As you may have noticed our society is planting in our heads a fixed path that we all have to follow.
That doesn’t leave us think clearly and explore the opportunities out there.

The fixed path is: Go to school, then go to college, find a job, retire.

Four months ago I was in the same path. As soon as I have finished high-school and have given exams to claim a seat in a college, I had to choose what I wanted to study. Hypothetically I should have known what I wanted, but thit is bullshit.

How could I? Had I worked before any kind of job? Nope.

When I was studying voraciously for my graduation grades to join a University I thought I liked Programming. One of our basic courses in the school path that I chose was something like programming. I kind of liked it but I wasn’t really thinking about studying it.

So I didn’t search for anything else. Completely wrong stategy.

I had a conversation once with my programming teacher. He told me that a friend of his has graduated as a programmer from a College in the UK and now his is working from his home for for an IT company.

I liked the idea so much that I thought to my self: that is exactly what I want to do. So I decided that I would become a programmer and then find a job to work from home. When the time came to choose a University, I had second thoughts of what I really wanted to study, beacause of fear of the uknown and because I too late realised all the other opportunities I had to study or to work on, without of course having thought or searched about it earlier. So I decided that I didn’t truly like programming, I could do something different, something more exciting, something more alive.

Another day I had a conversation with a friend that his idea hit me. Maybe I don’t want to study anything at the present moment. Maybe I want something more than the classic path that has been laid out for me.

So how did I move on?

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How to decide what YOU want. (What I did and still do)

Try things out:

  • You have to try out many options, that already exist. For example, if you think you like programming you have to try programming, if you think you like logistics you should search on Google what an accountant does and so on. Then, if you really like the thing you can try College.
  • The best way is to turn your hobby into a job. A real job. That means that your hobby is something else than a normal job. For example if you love playing the guitar, you may consider of going professional. If you love drawing you may consider of going professional. But if you consider of these things you must not give up. Did you notice that love that I wrote? You have to love your hobby more than anything and be obsessed with it, that’s the key to make it a real-time job. But if you want to go professional you have to get serious about it. It was your hobby now it is your money making source, and you have to eat.

Note: You will probably need a part-time job trying things out, so choose the one that you find the least boring and the most paid.

Search inside you.

Search inside you what really excites you.

Search for what environment you would like to work in. Is it your home? Is it a cubicle office? Is it a room with a team of people with a vision? It doesn’t matter what it is, there is not right or wrong, but you can find the best solution.


But remember the following:


The No.2 reason of failing is giving up. You may wonder of the No.1 reason. The No.1 reason of failing is not even starting.


So if you are where I have been, remember one thing. You and I can’t really decide what we will be doing in our 30s, 40s or 60s (god no). The only thing we know is what we do want to do now, so we try things out. That, of course, doesn’t mean you completely discard college, just try out some things before you take this path. It would be a great idea if you would sign-up in a public (free) University for part-time courses or conduct on online courses, watch videos on the internet and then apply for College. Currently that is exactly what I do.

Don’t be afraid of losing. Start doing something you like doing now and you won’t regret it.

-Mike Wolf E.

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