How Procrastination can Destroy You

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One of the worst habits we all have in a degree is procrastination.

Procrastination is directly connected with boredom. So, I hope you are already trying to minimize boredom.

I used to procrastinate about many things that I wouldn’t want to do.
Still do, but I keep that percentage very low.

If you have things to do and you cancel them all the time then, there is a big problem that should be eliminated.

Are you procrastinating about almost everything? Why?

If you procrastinate about almost everything the first thing you should do is to ask yourself: Why am I procrastinating?

Finding the core reason of procrastination is the first step of stopping it. There may be many reasons, so write them all down by arithmetic order. From the most “important” to the least. Do it right now.

Maybe you are afraid of the outcome. But the most common reason is that you just don’t want to do some things. Meaning that is something you don’t like doing.

Unfortunately in most cases we can’t only do things that we like. We all have some kind of responsibilities. However you can counterbalance things and do mostly things you like, rather than things you don’t.

Neglecting things to do, will cause more problems in the future.

This is a fact you should know. If you neglect things, they will eventually come back and haunt you. For example if you procrastinate about gathering up your stuff in your house, you will suddenly find yourself in a dumpster full of garbage and useless things. Same thing washing your clothes.

Either it’s about a simple or a complicated obligation, procrastination should be eliminated. So, sit down and do the things you procrastinate about.


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Things you don’t do cause you stress after all.

Procrastinating about things will also cause you stress. I have lived that in the first place. For many months I’d procrastinate about my future studies and when the time came to apply for a Uni I didn’t know what to study. Now I am “studying” Hospitality Management at a local kind of University. It’s easy, it’s free and it gives me a job (that I work temporarily) and connections with many professionals in the field.


I was another lost young man who didn’t know what he wanted. And that is pretty normal. For some time.

So don’t go to the point of becoming dominated by stress and blur your thoughts. Do your things clear and keep your mind clear.

Procrastination has brought men down and businesses down. Procrastination destroys you, confuses you and you eventually fail to achieve anything you wanted to. So either you destroy it or it destroys you.

What you should do every day before bed

Despite all the wasted hours of your day, the last thing you can do before going to bed is to write down all the things you shouldn’t do and all the things you didn’t do on a paper and DO them tomorrow.

You have already wasted your day, don’t waste any more time when you go to bed and need to fall asleep.

The worst thing you can do is staying at your bed thinking all the things you didn’t do throughout the day. It is almost certain that you will waste 1-2 more hours doing nothing but staying at the bed awake.

Either you will sleep or not. If you fall to your bed sleep. Otherwise stay up and do the things you should have done and then sleep. It’s do or do not.

Most people waste countless hours staying at their bed getting more stressed and more upset about things they procrastinate about instead of just do them.

Promise yourself: “I won’t sleep until I do X”

If you don’t do them, you are a fucking loser and nobody can help you.

You can’t imagine the joy and the relief you will feel when you do things that haunt you… A heavy burden will go away, believe me.

And remeber:

The difference between the winners and the losers? The winners learn from their mistakes and fix them immediately. The others are just losers.

Do NOT procrastinate.

Discipline yourself.

Be a Man.

Be a Wolf.




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