The Complete Live Like A Wolf Review of 30 Days Of Discipline: Review Part 2 (30 Days Update)

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This is the second and last review of my experience from doing 30DoD.

30DoD is an essential to success. You HAVE to do it because it’s genius and I will tell you why.

  • In this article I will tell you about how my days past doing 30DoD and help you get through it too, but before that let me apologize for the 5 days of delay.
  • At the end I will then give you 5 reasons to start 30DoD, so suit up.
  • I will give you 7 personal tips to help you going.

An apologize…

On 7th of June, that I started 30DoD, I had planned to write to articles in for 30DoD in 30 days. One would be my first, that was actually published 15 days after I started, and the second would be on 6th of July that I ended the bootcamp.

But I had some bad days that wasted most of my time and energy.

On 4th of July I started working at a Hotel, as the course of the University requires. So I went there but the position they wrongly put me was 8 hours serving out in the sun, at the Pool Bar, as a waiter and taking orders from the clients.

After the first day I was so drained from the sun that I was actually feeling I had worked for weeks.

But, the thing is that I am working as an intern and according to the University’s Policy this wasn’t a proper position for an intern taking $330 working 8h/5d per week,  that should be more learning things instead of working.

(This work is of course temporary, I have a plan that I will succeed and you should have one too)

Three more days past the same way, with me trying to convince the managers to put me in another work position without being hit by the sun for at least four hours.

They continuously denied until I told them I would leave the Hotel. So yesterday they put me in another work position. A proper work position for an intern.

The past 5 days I was so drained that I couldn’t even sit in front of a PC monitor nor have a clear mind to write anything, especially an article.

So, I apologize for the irresponsibility to write this article when planned.


Lesson 1: Claim your rights.

Lesson 2: Take what’s yours.

Lesson 3: Admit your wrongs.


How 30DoD Can Change your Life

So, 6th of July was my last day on 30DoD and in those 30 days I have learnt many many things.

In my previous article I expressed 3 valuable things I had learnt so far. 

Now, you will get a taste of the full experience and you will instantly decide to start it today

1) 30DoD makes you realize that you should have been doing more. (And that you can do more) 

One of the great things you learn doing 30DoD is that you actually weren’t doing as many things as you could. When you are on 30DoD you have to do at least 5 things that you have written down in your notebook. 

This obligation makes you accomplish things and get work done. And that works like magic. When you finish 30DoD (you can do it!) you will realize that you have actually done things you neglected for long long time and you have reached a great point achieving things as you will get used to it. You will then also realize that you could always do more and more, but you didn’t know it. 

Of course, you don’t have to take 30DoD to start doing things, but it is a great boost for those who need some help. Almost everyone does. 

So, you will appreciate what you have been doing but also realize that you should be doing more. And that is great.

2) 30DoD puts you in a position where you can’t look back, but only forward to success. 

Except making you realize that you could always do more, (more=what was “needed”) doing 30DoD leads only to success.

Being following the 12 habits given in the e-book every day becomes a day of success that you don’t want to waste. So when you feel like giving up, you will already have lived some days of sweat, accomplishment and success that you will not want to throw in the dumpster of wasted time.

This way 30DoD will make you familiar with the path to success teaching you how to not giving up and that the only way there is, is only forward.

3) 30DoD will make you leaner 

In 30DoD there are some exercises you have to do every day for 30 days. Even if you don’t normally work out, 30DoD will make you leaner.

I didn’t do my normal work-out program during 30DoD because of University exams and 30DoD made me leaner anyways.

Here are some photos of me 1 day before 30DoD, 15 days on 30DoD, and 4 days after finishing 30DoD.


4)You will get a better sense of time

Another great thing I noticed when on 30DoD is that you get a better sense of how time passes. Doing these, at least 5 things you’ve wrote down every day, you will understand how much valuable is time and that it really matters how you manage it. 

As I’ve said before, time is the best investment in the world and if you know how to manage it you will face success. Otherwise failure and stress are what follows. 

You will also get more serious about how you exploit your time, as you will see that you don’t have all the time in the world. 

5) Discipline achieved. 

As expected you become more disciplined. When you’ll finish 30DoD you will understand on the first place that if you want to achieve anything in your life you will actually have to work on it and also be very dead serious about what you are doing. 

Tips from Live Like A Wolf:

  • Be sure that you manage your time well. A matter I learned the hard way. (There were times that I had to do the exercises at 12 a.m.) 
  • Sleep well when on 30DoD because it’s going to be rough. There were days when I didn’t sleep well and that days were very very rough. 
  • Combine 30DoD with work-outs if possible. In the first week I could do that, but from the second week I had to study for the Uni exams and I couldn’t do my work-outs. But you will become leaner anyways. 
  • Keep a record of your every day weight to know what you are doing. I did it every day.
  • Avoid to think how many days you have to end 30DoD, but count the successful days past doing 30DoD instead.
  • Know that what you are doing is actually going to help you live your life much better.
  • Thank Victor for creating this bootcamp.

Now I believe that you get why this bootcamp is genius and that you should start 30DoD TODAY. 

I want to thank Victor Pride for creating this awesome bootcamp and I am very sure that I am going to do it again. 

Gentlemen, buy 30DoD now and get to work!


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