The Power of Will

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You can achieve anything you want

I had a spelling problem several years ago.

I couldn’t spell right the letter “S”. I wanted to spell it right. I wanted it so bad. Some friends told me that I don’t spell it right, but I didn’t know it till then.

But they also told me not to care about it. But I still wanted to fix that problem. It became an obsession. I thought I couldn’t live with that flaw. I even asked my parents to take me to a spelling therapist, but they didn’t like the idea and told me to forget it and live with it.

I still wanted to fix it but I didn’t have the money to go to a doctor and I didn’t know how to fix it.

I couldn’t forget it and I was thinking it every time I wanted to say something. It was kind of embarrassing. Maybe in my head. I don’t know.

So I found my own way. I noticed that when I was chewing a gum I could spell it right.

I then recorded my self speaking chewing a gum and I liked it. I could really spell it right.

Three months after chewing a gum almost every time when speaking I didn’t need a gum anymore. I could spell the letter just fine.

No doctor’s help.

That’s a great example of what willpower can do.

Maybe I wouldn’t fix it if it was for now, because it’s not a serious defect, maybe I wouldn’t even care about it. But then it was kind of a thing.

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Is there anything that concerns you and you think you can’t do it?

You are wrong. Of course you can. You can do whatever you want.

You need to stay Motivated and explicate Willpower inside you.

Willpower, willpower, willpower.

The power of a man’s willpower is so powerful that can create anything you’ll ever imagine.

History has taught us that. People needed light they brought fire. People needed means of transport. So they invented cars, motorcycles, planes and trains.

Willpower is the reason why we’ve got internet now. The reason why I can write this article with my keyboard and monitor and the reason why you are reading it now.

Willpower and necessity.

Necessity is the motive, but willpower is the mean. The mean to make our minds work on something, build something or invent something.

Combine a thought with willpower and motivation and you’ve got it.

So don’t ever think that there are limits. There are no limits. You can stick with the law and do whatever you want. Trust your willpower and your instinct.

Nothing’s impossible everything’s perfect and achievable.

Trust your will it can give you endless power.


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