The Best Investment in the World

Live Like A Wolf ,Time is The Most Precious Thing in the World, Mike


The time is ticking. Now that you’ve read this you have already spent several seconds reading it. Time is the most precious thing we’ve got in this world.

Wasting it is a crime. Wasting your time is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

I don’t like to waste my time.

If you waste your time then you are not improving and you are not going anywhere.

How you are wasting your time

Not everything is a waste of time as we are human beings and we need amusement too. After we have done the work required to get where we want to get.

The thing is that you shouldn’t waste all of your time doing things that offer you nothing.

Yes, sure you will watch a or two along the week and maybe some episodes of your favorite series.

But opening your PC after work at 5 p.m, watching videos on YouTube, uploading photos on Instagram and scrolling your Facebook feed ignoring all the people in your life, ending up falling asleep every night with dirty hands from chips and a Coca-Cola on the floor, that’s a waste of time.

You are also wasting your time by doing things you don’t enjoy.

Like working a shitty job you hate.

Working a job you hate you are wasting your precious time you could do something else you love that could bring you lots of money.

If you hate your job and you don’t want to waste your precious time anymore doing it, make your fucking plan, stop wasting your time on your PC, gather up some fucking money and start applying your plan.

Having a conversation with dumb people is also a waste of time.

Every single time that I tried to talk with dumb people and tried to figure something out it went wrong and I have completely regret it.

Now I just avoid to talk to negative people as much as I possibly can because they are fucking dumb and that’s it.

They are not willing to change and they are not worth it. They are a bad company and a big time waste.

Maybe one day they’ll change, maybe not. I don’t give a fuck.

I just don’t want to be the person who tries to save them.

I let them be.

I write on this blog to help people. Yes, for people who are open minded, want to improve and who are not retarded.

You will judge if those “friends” are worth it. If you have concluded that a friend of yours is dumb then it’s worth it… to try to talk with him on a logical number of tries.

I have faced that kind of situations too, when a friend proved to be very dam and I tried to talk with him about the problems of our relationship but that happened limited times.

Now I have long left them be. We took our paths and that’s it. No more time waste.

That’s why you have to chose your friends wisely.

I hope you’ve got the point.

 How to not waste your time

If you want to improve and live how you want to live you have to stop wasting your time.

#1 Get negative people out of your life.

Stop wasting your time around people you hate. Yes they were your friends. And yes you have been through many things together.

But as long as they end up being stupid and time wasters get rid of them.

They are not in for serious staff. They are maybe in for some fun and parties but not for serious staff.

So, you define when to hang out with them.

#2 Plan, work, repeat. 

Make a fucking plan and start working on it. Now is the time. If you hate your job and you hate that you work, go home and sit in front of your PC all day then change it.

Go out in the woods or at your near park and inhale some fresh air. Look up to the sky and calm down.

Then go home and start working on your plan.

Your plan is not stupid because it is yours and you can make it happen.

Remember that.

#3 Start doing creative and healthy activities.

Hit the gym and take on martial arts. The two alone are two hours per day spent on building your body and mind an staying healthy. (3-4 days gym, 3 days martial arts)

Read some books. Expand your knowledge in anything you are interested in. Start with Think And Grow Rich from Dr. Napoleon Hill.

Learn how to play an instrument. Not only you learn how to play music but you also train your brain and you become smarter.

Take on a sport. For example start Surfing. I personally used to go skateboarding, but I always loved Surfing. Where I live I don’t have the opportunity to go Surfing but it is high on my list when I move from here.

Appreciate your time. Don’t waste it. Start doing what you are meant to do and live free and happy.

All the best,


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