Why Did YOU Start in the First Place?

Reaching the mountain peak

Why did you started in the first place man?

Or haven’t you started already?

You know what’s right and I know what’s right. If you haven’t started already then start it right now. But if you have started and you got lost in the way let me bring you back.


If you don’t know how or what to start, read the articles below (for starters): 

#1 How to Stay Motivated to Do Anything

#2 What to Do When You Are Bored and Why You Should Never Be Bored

#3 Why Every Man Should Practice on Martial Arts

#4 Every Man Should Have Priorities in Life


Firstly, let me tell you why I started blogging…
I started blogging for 7 reasons:

#1 I like writing as much as I like reading books. I enjoy reading books that provide great advice or a great story.

#2 I always thought that giving decent advice to others is admirable and I always liked to help others and provide them great advice too. So I provide good advice too.

#3 Reading good material is very enlightening as great information results to great outcomes.

#4 I love the idea of making the world better, but that depends on people who want to listen another point of view and who always want to become better.

#5 I like to share knowledge that I have applied or I have experience in my life and it works.

#6 I want you to become better individuals as I want me to.

#7 I don’t want other people make the same mistakes that I’ve made and I want other people do great things that I have achieved.


Man, I don’t know about everything so I don’t write about everything. It’s like books. The writer never knows stuff about everything in life because that would take a millennium. I write what I am sure about.

We get from others what we don’t know about right?

For those of you out there who don’t have a purpose go and read the articles that I suggest above.

And for you who DO have a purpose…

Why did you start whatever it is you have started?

If you are lost in the ocean remember why you have started.

Why did you start man?

You and only you know about why you have started.

But I can tell you, that if you think that you cannot achieve what you have started, you are wrong because all those successful men around you wouldn’t be successful if they had given up.

They just stuck with their plan. What is your plan?

Three things: 

#1 If you still want to do what you do but you don’t face success, don’t quit. If you truly want it and if you truly work on it you will eventually be awarded. I truly wanted to find a job, so I did.

I didn’t find a job, I found two jobs. On February I worked as a waiter and by May I will work as a Bellboy in a 5 star hotel for five or six months. I know they’re not the best jobs in the world, but I have to make some money for my studies.

Alongside I work on my blog and I bring great material to you.

So, you can achieve whatever you want. But just keep working on it and don’t quit!

#2 To remember why you have started keep a notebook. Write down how you feel now about your plans so you will read that later when you’ll think you should give up.

You will know that you should give up what you are doing when you have worked on it for a long time and you feel that you have changed and you don’t find the plan right for you or you don’t believe on the idea anymore.

But be careful! There is a fine line between being confused and really have to give up on something.

As you enjoy doing something do it, when you don’t then don’t waste any more time doing stuff you hate.

So, if you are about to give up then think twice. Think about the time you have spent and the reasons why you have started.

#3 Never care about what others think

Even if you do something that someone, other than yourself, told you not to do it.

You can always take advice from others but that’s it.

But, if you find it good then do it regardless if you think you are doing them a favor.

In the end you will be the winner.



  1. This post was amazing, full of motivation which I definitely needed, thank you.

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