Why Every Man Should Practice on Martial Arts

Why Every Man Should Train on Martial Arts, Live Like A Wolf Live Like A Wolf , Martial Arts

As I have mentioned I have been training a lot on Martial Arts.

Almost never will be a lot, but for writing’s sake lets say 3+ years is a good number.

So, if you are a man you should practice on martial arts too.

But Mike, why do I have to train?

I never fight with anyone, I am not the kind of person that gets into fight and I have no intention or the mood to fight anyone.

I am the most relaxed and cool guy.

I don’t want to fight.

I am just not interested in martial arts. I don’t like them.

I don’t need to train on martial arts, I’ve got my fists and I am ripped as hell so I can smash anybody who walks in my way.

Men, I know. You are probably thinking one of the above thoughts right now. But let me tell you some things about martial arts and welcome you in the world of self belief, self confidence and self knowledge.

Anybody could think, oh if this guy tries to fuck with me I’m gonna wreck him, I’m gonna smash him I’m telling you. But when the time comes guess who gets his ass kicked.

So, are you anybody?

I hope you’re not. Because if you are, you are one of the mass of people that don’t let this world become better, you follow the rules and you will end up like your bored and sad neighbor next door who is sick of his own life.

Do you want to become somebody? Then follow me.

I have personally started with Tae Kwo Do and Traditional Jiu Jitsu when I was little but I stopped because I didn’t like it.

Then, 6.5 years ago I trained on Traditional Jiu Jitsu (again) and Street Fighting (consisting of Kick Boxing and some grappling and judo) for about 6 months (maybe more) and stopped because I was alone in a class with no friends and I found it boring as a child.

I have been training unprofessionally on Wing Chun Kung Fu with a good friend and student of a great teacher for about the past 2.5 years and I am currently training on Jiu Jitsu (my teacher also trains us some useful techniques in Aikido, Judo, Pankration, Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in every lesson too) since mid October.

Martial Arts 

First things first. What is the right excuse for you not to train on Martial Arts that I mentioned before?

Don’t you ever verbally fight with anyone? I bet you do. Even if you don’t have the intention to fight, someone else will eventually fight you. And it will be bad, trust me.

I’ve been there. Some guy 4 years ago punched me in the face for verbally arguing with his friend. Since then that didn’t happen again and never will.

There is 1 on 1000 chance that you will never have to fight in your entire life. And there is 1 on 100 chance that you will get away with it solid. Whether you want to fight or not, you will fight. So you’d better be ready for it.

Training on martial arts isn’t all about protecting yourself is about protecting your beloved people too.

Imagine that somebody tries to steal your girl’s bag. What will you do? Will you let him get away with it? I wouldn’t.

Imagine that somebody tries to steal your car. Will you let him do it?

Would you be confident enough to act in those kind of situations? I hope you’d be.

Or are you not interested in Martial Arts, because you don’t like “them” and you think it’s a waste of time?

In that case my friend you are lying. There is no chance that you don’t like even one of the hundreds of martial arts. So, don’t lie and go check out for an one free entrance training course at your local gyms.

I doubt it that you won’t like at least one of the maybe 5 martial arts that they are at your town.

I am pretty sure that you have only heard about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Boxing and MMA. Yeah, I know UFC is very popular these days…

But I doubt it if the most of you have heard about Wing Chun Kung Fu, Aikido, Hapkido, Krav Maga, or Jeet Kun Do (all of the above are remarkable Martial Arts) . I had never heard about them too. But that was long time ago.

Of course, all the martial arts are based on Ancient Hellinic Boxing (or Fist Boxing) and this martial art is essential for every man to start practicing on martial arts (the today’s Boxing). Before you go deeper you should know how to throw a decent direct punch, an uppercut, a hook and a cross punch.

Even my current 70 years old teacher that has practiced on Aikido, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, karate,  BJJ and much more, has started with boxing to have a stable and a solid martial arts base. Now he is one of the best with approximately 55 years of practice. Do the math.

A good teacher not only teaches you how to fight, but teaches you how to think and have the right mindset. Also he doesn’t want to rip you off ($$$). Keep that in mind. 

So, now I think you have no excuse of not taking a Martial Art.


Mike, is training on martial arts enough for me to become a better man? 

What are the benefits of training on a Martial Art

Training on a martial art affects your lifestyle in many ways and provides you many benefits and help you develop many virtues.

Training on martial arts and having a great mindset makes you a better human being.

Having the mindset not to beat every person’s ass for no reason is the No.1 rule that defines a great man from a dumb ass. Martial arts are better combined with a great mindset.

A man that knows himself and knows what he can and what he can’t do and is more calm and confident than a man who has only one of the two perks (mindset or training).

A man who has both won’t pick a fight for no reason and won’t play the tough guy in front of others, he will just beat the shit out of you if you tease him or mess with him.

The thing is that fighting is not the reason for talking a martial art. Martial arts are about self expression, freedom, confidence, lifestyle and mindset.

Completion is having all of the advantages, physical and mental training. Going to gym alone is not gonna make you a better man.

Additionally, Martial Arts help your brain to communicate better with your body, and combine those two in a great entity.

Not only that, but they make you more flexible, smarter, they help you think more quickly and keep you healthy.

Plus, they help you reduce stress.

Look around and see how many of your colleagues go to the gym, are they smart or dum?

Also look around for guys who train on martial arts and maybe hit the gym too, but they are dum too because they have poor knowledge and a poor mindset.

Finally look around for guy that train both their body and mind. Do you see any of these guys? I don’t think so. Because this kind of guys are wise enough not to brag about it to everyone. Maybe they’re that guys who don’t speak too much.

See what I’m talking about? Yeah, I think you do.

Try some Martial Arts that are offered in your town and pick the right for you. I suggest that you first go with Boxing at least for 6 months and then search for something else.

Now it’s your turn. Start training your mind and body TODAY! 



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