You Never Knew About Your Future Until Now

Live Like A Wolf, You Never Know Your Future Until Now

What are we? People. Can we predict the future? No and yes. Who can predict the future with 100% accuracy? No one.

So how can you know what is gonna happen? You can’t, but what you can do is to live the now and prepare for the future.

“Live the now and prepare for the future” -Mike Wolf


What you are doing today is your future. What you are doing now is what defines your future. So make sure that whatever you are doing now is getting you where you want to be.

You can’t know where you’ll be in the future, you can only imagine and visualize it. You can do things now that will get you where you want to be.

If now you are wasting your time with meaningless shit, you will be in worst place than you are now. Maybe you won’t have a house to live or money to buy food.

Everything that you are doing now matters. Everything.

Nobody knows the future, so you either keep thinking about the future or you live the now, doing things that complete you, or making up for things that will complete you in the future.

And this is the only way not to be afraid of the future and the only way you will be in a better place.


If you don’t care about your future, if you don’t care about your life and you are doing shitty things and be fine as you are now, then stop reading this article and log in to Netflix.

If you want to become a better person, if you want a better future for yourself and if you want to experience all the things want in life then keep reading.

Everyday little steps are what will take you where you want to be. Everyday wins will get you what you want. And everyday work is what will make it happen.

Everyday work. Every day,  everyday, everyday. No big breaks, no big vacations, no big settling. Just everyday work.

You’ll think, Mike it’s been 8 months since your last article. Yes, that’s true, but what is also true is that I never stopped working. I was working on other things (you’ll see in the future) that I had to get through in my life to get going. I had no option but to stop publishing for 8 months.

So what? The basis is the same. The end goal is the same. Freedom. But I had to get some things done. I never stopped working though. I was just working on other things, but still, work is work. And it wasn’t easy, but what’s done it’s done. It’s a part of the past now.

But what it’s now, was the past and what the future will be, is the now. So make up for your future and start doing it today!


Never let your future in the hands of nothingness. Visualize your future self and do what it takes to get there. And these things must be defined, on paper and in mind and everyday do something to get there.

 7 days per week I work towards my end goal. 7 days per week I read or learn something new that will help me become a better person day by day. 7 days per week I’m practicing on the guitar. 7 days per week I make myself feel happy and grateful. 7 das per week I write my ideas down (on paper, on smartphone notepad, or in the drafts). 3 days per week I’m training on martial arts. 3 days per week I go to the gym. 1 day per week, I rest my body physically, but don’t stop working.

What are you doing everyday that will get you where you want? Or do you even know where you want to be, or at least have an idea? Or don’t you even think about where you want to be and you just live and let days and time pass?

Everything I wanted to do I did it and am moving forward towards the things I want now by never stopping to work on them and not quitting on them and I am sure that if you put the time you can do the things you want too. Even if it’s a girl you want to get, or a new laptop, or freedom.

You can get it. The thing is you have to work to get it.

Always the best. Happy to be back.

-Mike Wolf

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